We are hiring – Web front end developer [CLOSED]

by Keith Drew 06 June 2016

About Matter-Center

We are developing Matter-Center for Office 365, a document and email management product for law firms. Our unique angle is that we are using a modern app based UI delivered in HTML that works on (nearly) any device, with a back end in the Microsoft public cloud.

Creating a wonderful responsive interface that lights up mundane corporate journeys like “one click email auto-file” for Microsoft Office is tough. We enjoy a challenge.

Loosely based in Berkshire 20 miles West of London UK, we do small batch fast-cycle build-measure-learn feedback development. Typically work remotely through Skype and Slack, but have an office near Maidenhead if that’s your thing.

*** You MUST be able to get to Maidenhead UK at least once a week ***

We are looking for

Matter-Center.com HTML5 CSS3 JavaScriptA JavaScript Developer skilled in JS, CSS3, HTML5 and an enthusiasm for functional design (let’s talk Bauhaus, Loewy, Rams … optional). If you don’t know it, you learn it and wrestle it to the ground until its owned. You should have several years experience building responsive web-based applications and be interested in solving performance problems in the browser.

Our application is built in Microsoft Azure with ASP.NET MVC and a stack of JavaScript (particularly JQuery). You won’t need to code the functionality side, we’ve got that covered. Our house tool is Microsoft Visual Studio, but you can develop in the most productive environment for you.

Skills: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Git, JSON, REST, ASP.MVC frameworks.

What you will do

Elaborate a multi-page web app using a front-end framework based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript enabling smooth interaction between front-end and mid-tier business logic with a REST JSON API. Implement automated front-end tests (unit, functional, application-level) with cross-browser testing and quality assurance. Engage in the entire Product Development life-cycle to understand business objectives and user goals so you can make decisions.

Who you are

We measure outcomes not inputs so you need to be effective at self-management asking for and delivering on clear mission objectives, able to communicate when you have needs or issues. You may be an experienced professional looking to invest in the future, or a graduate with a great portfolio. We value can do teaming attitude and ability over individual heroics.

We prefer to work with people who are self-aware, intrinsically motivated and able develop and grow with  us. We are not interested in the smartest person in the room on a fast track to champagne lifestyle with a corporate Tesla (that last bit is probably 5 years away with equity options).

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