Looks like a bunch of different folks are offering Matter Center – whats that about ?

by Hans Baumhardt 01 June 2016

The Microsoft partner network

jelly beansThe success of Microsoft is in part built on its unique partner ecosystem (the Microsoft Partner Network) that no other tech platform leader has managed to emulate.  With around 600,000 world-wide partners that’s huge sales and marketing channel leverage (shoot me now).

To nurture partner value, Microsoft releases solution accelerators or frameworks that light up new capability in their platforms and applications.  The opportunity is for ISV partners to build new product, and SI partners to deliver custom development or implementations.

Microsoft Matter Center for Office 365  framework 

Segoe UI font cardMicrosoft released Matter Center for Office 365 as a framework to the partner community in December 2015, with the opportunity to create ISV and SI partner value in the legal industry and drive adoption of Office 365 subscriptions.  A virtuous circle with the chance of some halo effect.

We were so excited by the concept that we formed Matter-Center Limited as an ISV to productise the Microsoft framework.  We have invested in a responsive interface that works on any device, with enhanced capabilities such as email “one click” matter file, to create a competitive legal document and email management product.

Other matter center framework partners

Our commercial go-to-market planning includes being nosey and checking out the other legal DMS and PMS products. That includes folks promoting the Microsoft Matter Center framework so we can maintain a clear and consistent story on how we are different.

Prior to releasing Matter Center as an open source framework, Microsoft created a list of official Matter Center partners. That was before our time.   Choice is good, but we don’t see much real public action from the 23 listed, so here is a shout-out of the activity we have seen in 2016:

… and that’s about it, unless there is stuff going on under the covers preparing for a sudden reveal or prestige.

Courier font card

If I have missed or misrepresented any Matter Center partner activity you really should publish, or let us know hello@matter-center.com as we are keen to assist in the virtuous circle bringing Office 365 goodness to legal.

One last point. Out of the box, the matter center framework user interface is rather …. industrial, which is why we chose to completely re-design.

If you are looking to build rather than buy a solution, do check some sample screenshots.