So what’s different about our Matter-Center solution ?

by Hans Baumhardt 15 April 2016

Meeting with legal firms for Matter-Center product design and development feedback, one of the first questions we have been asked is “why are you doing this ?” Fitting neatly into the 3 key proposition questions one needs to answer to earn the right to engage: “who are you, what’s different, why should I care ?” it should be a useful post topic.

Whilst there are plenty of established solutions in the legal DMS market, we believe there is a product : market gap around functionality, usability and full-life cost. Our differentiation is to deliver a product with real and perceived value that fills the gap.

Our design philosophy

Barcelona Chair
We love the simplicity of Bauhaus (form follows function) and Dieter Rams (less is more) industrial design which has shaped our easy & intuitive solution philosophy.

We believe that business systems should be no more complex to use than buying stuff on Amazon or selling on eBay. We do this with no training, so why should legal document management be different ?

Braun T3The Matter-Center journey and interface have been designed to simplify the document management experience for intuitive productivity without training or manuals.

Navigation through browsing is crisp and clear, we worked hard to show what’s needed and no more. Nothing is hidden (except  confidential matters) so you know where it is. If something is greyed out, you clearly need to ask for permission if you want to click or fill it in. Initial feedback is great.

Existing document management solutions seem to be feature rich and function deep. Yes they work, but are they actually usable or how about even enjoyable ? We have seen a document save prompting for more metadata than the document has content. With most of the metadata saved as default, search results for re-use are ineffective. We prompt for only two (2) high value items of metadata on a save that we are unable to intuit or automate. That’s it, easy & intuitive.

Technology – the Microsoft cloud platform

Matter-Center is the first legal DMS to be built on the Microsoft cloud platforms to use that global scale, security and capability. Home android galaxy 9.7If you already have Office 365 our solution exploits that investment with no more IT overhead, and Matter Center will find and integrate your existing content without complex migrations.

With your information saved to SharePoint sites in your Office 365 subscription, you can still access your clients, matters and content directly should you wish to stop using the Matter-Center application. No one way trap doors or vendor lock-in (OK, except with Microsoft).

and why you could care . . .

If you have a modern digital document management solution then you probably don’t, but if you are doing nothing or using an unstructured solution such as local disk, network shares or drop-box your missing out on some good stuff, like:

Stack of files

Replace paper client and matter files with electronic records, reducing print and storage costs whilst improving process efficiency with clear version and author provenance.

Find and re-use existing internal IP to improve effectiveness of specialist practices that don’t rely on public precedents.

View and mark up matter content anywhere from secured mobile devices, getting things done when you want.

Manged extranet publishing and collaboration with clients to improve service, and control proliferation of material.

If reducing paper or improving productivity and governance, risk, compliance are not interesting then walk on by, nothing to see here folks.